I hold a PhD and MA in philosophy from Georgetown, and a BA in philosophy from Harvard, which is where I first fell in love with the discipline.

I’ve designed and taught undergraduate courses in ethics and political philosophy, served as an editor for three major academic journals, organized and facilitated a variety of design-based workshops, and helped to design and deliver some of Georgetown's most experimental courses in ethics. Most of my work in the academy at present is spent on these last two categories.

I've also worked on four grant-funded bioethics research projects, including two currently underway that focus on the ethics of research and pregnancy, especially Zika, HIV/AIDS, and emerging public health crises. Other current projects include a grant-supported working group focused on the ethical use of blockchain technologies to support and protect vulnerable populations such as refugees, and a proposal for supporting and incentivizing public-facing work among academics working on moral issues.

You can learn more about my academic record by viewing my CV below, and even more about what I'm currently up to by checking out this interview.